I am not selling a product but providing a professional service that begins with a discussion to enquire your needs and it is through this discussion that I guide and advise you on all of the options available with my experience.

The service that I provide is personal and individually tailored to meet your individual needs.

Some of the services provided are built in and fitted furniture for virtually any room in the house, specifically built in cupboards, wall units, vanities, study wall units, wardrobes, cabinets, furniture, DIY kitchens and kitchen renovations, just to mention a few. There is not standard size and I manufacture and build to your individual and specific requirements.

Our preferred shop for accessories is however, we will use any providers you prefer



PLEASE NOTE - Images displayed on this website are not necessarily work done by our company. They are images of examples of work that we can create and design, using these merely as an example of ideas, and based on your own specification. Some work is of items we have created and designed ourselves. Where images have been copied from the Internet at large or via social media, we credit the people who have created and designed the originals. Thank you.

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